SMS and MMS text messaging

Get your business on the number one path of communicating. Mobile phones. Everyone loves sending and receiving text messages. Engage your contacts as they send text and picture messages right into your Basicly Inbox. Send mass text messages for sales announcements, alerts or notifications.

One powerful SMS and MMS text messaging channel

Easily add text messaging into your business work flows. We bring together everything that is required to send and receive SMS and MMS text messages directly from your Basicly dashboard. Engage your customers and sales prospects across this exciting channel. 
SMS Messaging

Advanced SMS text messaging solutions

Your customers text message, and so should you. Use 2-way SMS messaging to receive and respond to all SMS text messages. Stay connected and deliver SMS alerts, notifications, and reminders. Add SMS to your Basicly Inbox today, and do it all.

  • SMS automation + autoresponders
  • Unlimited phone numbers
  • Unlimited toll-free numbers
  • Unlimited 10DLC numbers
  • Dedicated short codes
  • Reach any US & Canada mobile phone

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MMS Messaging

Multimedia text messaging that is super easy to use

Get all the benefits of SMS messaging plus seamless MMS messaging through a single phone number. Add MMS and engage your customers and contacts through reach media, across any mobile phone.

  • Receive and send unlimited MMS messages
  • Integrate with ease
  • Videos, audio, photos, PDF files + more
  • MMS over toll-free numbers
  • MMS over 10DLC numbers
  • MMS over dedicated short codes

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SALES Messaging

Use text messaging
for sales

Make it easy to engage your sales prospects over text messaging and increase your sales.

  • People love to text
    Easy for potential customers to start a conversation
  • Instantly answer questions
    Give customers the answers they need right away
  • Send new product information
    Text out product updates and sales information

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Use text messaging
for support

Build better customer relationships by offering a always on, anytime text messaging solution and resolve customer issues in a timely manner. 

  • Proactive approach 
    Allow your customers to reach you anytime
  • Always stay connected
    Make your customers feel super important
  • Effortless communication
    Give your customers the convenience of texting

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SMS Text Messaging

SMS or short message service texting is still the number one way to reach your customers and sales prospects. Everyone still does text messaging. Get your information across to any mobile phone in a matter of seconds. Engage your contacts as they text back right into your Basicly Inbox, making it so easy to manager this communication channel. 

MMS Text Messaging

MMS or multimedia messaging service is a great way for you to engage your customers or sales prospects with pictures, videos, and other types of connect such as PDF files embedded right into a text message. Embellish your texts with high-quality graphics, company logos, short videos, or product information and highly enage your customers.

Messaging Features

Text keywords
Mass group texting
Schedule a text
Two-Way SMS
Unlimited contacts
Upload your list
Picture messaging
Automatic replies
Drip campaigns
40 seconds is the average time a chat representative can solve a customer's concern.
Live Chat starts show greater satisfaction among your customers who use the feature.
More than 50% of customers make a purchase when a website has Live Chat.
79% of all customers say they prefer Live Chat for immediate support they get.

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